We're pausing our online shop (for a good reason)

Dear Meridian Family, 

To say we’ve done a lot over the last year is…an understatement. With your support, we’ve launched a personal styling service, expanded our brands at Meridian Boutique, and launched a second store, Meridian Men (no small feat!). 

We’ve spent the last few months considering what the next steps for Meridian look like — and we’ve realized that we need to make a few changes to get back to our roots: our community. All this is to say: we’re pausing our online shop. 

Why? Service is essential to us because relationships matter to us. We want to show up daily as our whole selves to meet the people who flow in and out of our brick-and-mortar doors. We’re still getting to know the guys stepping into our men’s store. We want to talk more, laugh with you more, and spend more time and energy helping you find the items that feel made for you. 

It’s been a busy year. We’re ready to slow down and be present again — with the stores we’ve built, with each other, with all of you. One of our company values is “people first.” Pausing on e-commerce honors that. 

That said, our website isn’t going anywhere. We’re just taking a pivot. Over the coming months, it will evolve into a community-first platform where we share our perspective on fashion and culture here in Bozeman. Think interviews, lifestyle and styling tips, Bozeman guides, team playlists, and more. Keep an eye out for our relaunch this fall. 

Until then, come in and see us on Main Street. We’re here and ready to get back to the business of connecting with every one of you. 

- Haley, Josh, and Meridian & Co

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