Introducing: The Fine Line

Introducing: The Fine Line

If you’ve been following our journey, you likely know that late last year, we decided to turn away from e-commerce to return to our roots: the Bozeman community. Behind the scenes, we’ve spent the past few months discussing what comes next for our digital presence — how do we build an online presence that creates connection rather than distracts or alienates? It’s a tricky question in the age of TikTok and non-stop screen time. 

We wanted to go back without going backward and forward without losing our roots.

And therein is where we found our answer: an online publication. A journal, really. One we can fill with random ideas, mood boards, stories, and inspiration to share with you, our community.

Growing up, we each spent so much time pouring through fashion magazines — the gorgeous centerfolds, of course, but also the interviews, think pieces, and personal essays. These stories and spreads inspired our sense of style, gave us insights into the world beyond Bozeman, and made us realize that fashion, art, community, passion, and life are all beautifully intertwined.

Next week, we’ll launch the first issue of The Fine Line, an online journal by Meridian, so named for that intersection of all that we love — Big Sky country, world travels, women’s style, men’s style, fashion, music, design. A fine line separates each one from the other — and a throughline connects them together.

We’re starting small — our first issue will feature only a few articles on the theme of “well-being.” Our hope is that this project will grow organically with your support and our evolving passion for style. Each month, we plan to bring you a new theme featuring interviews with local visionaries, expert advice, and images and objects that inspire.

Let us know what you like, what you love, and what you’d like to see more of — as always, community, we’re listening.

Haley, Josh, Etta James, and the Meridian Team

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