Jill, Mother, Grandmother, and Meridian's Matriarch

Jill, Mother, Grandmother, and Meridian's Matriarch

We'd be remiss to not include the woman who made Haley the woman she is today: her mother and forever inspiration Jill.

Jill is also Whitney's mom, making her a grandmother to Cash (age 2) and Rigby (age 1). Here is the woman who got Haley on her first horse and gave her the confidence to hold her head high and keep on riding through this thing called life.

When did you become a mother, and how many children (or step-children) and grandchildren do you have? 

I had my first daughter at 24 and my second daughter at 30 years of age. 

What’s your favorite part about motherhood?
The sharing of ideas, laughs, experiences of life and the amazing unconditional love that you have for your children. I have loved watching my girls grow into wonderful people, citizens of the world, and seeing them happy!
What has surprised you most about it? Any mistakes you made that you’d be willing to share?
I have learned that you cannot control circumstances in your children’s lives. Trying to save them from “mistakes” is futile and keeps them from learning their own valuable lessons. They have to own their decisions, just as I have had to own mine.
Who were some of the mother figures in your life? What essential lesson did they (or one of them) teach you? 
My mother was wonderful! She was such a lady and was so honest, moral and loving. If she was your friend, she was a friend forever…no matter what. We were so different and she loved that. She didn’t try to mould me into what she thought I should be. 
I was very close to my grandmother, my mom’s mother, as well. She was awesome and so much fun. She had all the etiquette laws right on cue if we messed up! She threw the best parties and everyone loved her.
My mother’s friends were all fabulous mothers and I was very close to several…they were like second mothers to me. I think a great mother can love deeply other people’s children like their own. That is how I felt with them!
In your own words, how would you define “motherhood”? 
Motherhood is a truly satisfying, noble, selfless endeavor that teaches one patience, perseverance, gratitude and a million other things. For me it was the icing on the cake after getting married. I view my children as gifts from God. They have enriched my husband and my lives in untold ways…immeasurable, really.
It truly has been the joy of my life being a mother. From nurturing a baby to when you’re enjoying grown women who become your best friends!
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