Letter from the Editors: The Travel Issue

Letter from the Editors: The Travel Issue

“It’s my home away from home.” We’ve always loved that expression, in part, because we know so many places that feel that way.

Our work at Meridian requires constant travel—often to New York and Los Angeles, but also to Chicago and even Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Every city has its own unique charm and every trip comes with both expected and unexpected moments. Issue 3, our Travel Issue, is our tribute to the cities that never cease to amaze us. 

When you travel this much for work, you need a few routines and rituals that feel familiar no matter where you are. You also need to find places that make you realize how damn lucky you are to be exploring an unfamiliar city —  the kinds of spots that make a stranger somehow feel like an instant regular. 

You know when you find them.  A great meal in a low-lit space that feels exactly like Blackbird. A cafe where they make your go-to order perfectly every time. A vintage shop that smells like wool and leather and — inexplicably —your grandfather. Thoughtful shops that feel like Meridian and Meridian Men’s long-lost cousins.  

Josh and I have spent more hours than we can count in airports and on airplanes, but of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We fell in love while traveling, have lived together across the globe, and plan to travel well into our old age. We hope reading this issue gives you that feeling. 

Whether you’re planning a trip to one of these cities already, or you’re dreaming of a trip someday soon, we hope you’ll find something on our list of recommendations that speaks to you. That’s the beauty of travel — in getting lost in a new city, you find yourself. 


Haley, Josh, and The Meridian Team

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