Meridian Travel Guide: New York City & Brooklyn

Meridian Travel Guide: New York City & Brooklyn

We’d be remiss to leave New York off our travel guide, considering how much time we spend there sourcing for Meridian and Meridian Men. It’s the city that never sleeps, so this to-do list could go on forever. For this edit, we turned the floor over to Haley, who was in New York just a few weeks ago for market. 

Here are a few ideas spanning from Brooklyn to Manhattan, depending on where your trip takes you — but regardless, you should probably make time for the sunset jazz cruise. 


Eat & Drink: 

Raf’s - One of my absolute favorites. It feels like my home away from home (my New York Blackbird, basically ). Not only is the aesthetic notable, the pasta is insanely good. I also hardly ever order chicken in restaurants (why bother when you can make great chicken at home?), but their chicken is the best I have ever had.

Shukette - This place is so fun. It’s a newer favorite with some of the best dishes I’ve had in many moons — the frena (a type of flatbread) and hummus are where it’s at. After my last visit, I dreamt about the tahini soft serve.

Katz' Delicatessen - An absolute classic. Pastrami sandwiches! Get in line. 

Four Horseman - A restaurant and wine bar in Brooklyn owned and operated by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Walk-in friendly. When traveling solo, I love grabbing a spot at the bar and ordering whatever most surprises me on the menu (which changes constantly). 

Altro Paradiso - Three words: cacio e pepe!



Blue in Green - Everything you want from a men’s shop with Japanese and American selvage denim. In SOHO, so stop in before heading to my next recommendation, which is…

Dover Street Market—Conceived by Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe, Dover Street’s New York location feels like a sprawling exhibit of avant-garde designers. You never know what you’ll find. There’s also a beautiful cafe, where you can sip on something delicious while processing what you’ve just seen.  

Coming Soon - Funky home goods store with items and designers you don’t see at other shops. Walking in will make you feel like you're in kindergarten!

Pilgrim - A surf-inspired store in Brooklyn with laidback vibes and beautiful boards. Men’s and women’s clothing, but especially men’s.   

10 Feet Single Vintage - Archival quality vintage by Stella Davis. Walking in here makes me feel some kind of way. You know that every item meant something to somebody, which is how great vintage should feel. 

Aimé Leon Dore: Men’s streetwear in a phenomenal space. If you’ve shopped Aimé online, you’ll want to visit the flagship — it’s a sweet experience not to be missed.

Olde Good Things - An incredible antique store. I sourced our men’s store light pendants here!



AIRE ancient baths - A bath house in a restored 1883 textile factory. Honestly, words don’t do justice — just go! 

Take a city bike through Central Park - Grab lunch before starting at Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie (the line is worth it) or finish with a drink at Bemelmans Bar (also worth the wait). Or do as the New Yorkers do and stop at a hot dog stand along your ride. 

Classic Harbor Line Cruise - Take an evening Jazz cruise out to the Statue of Liberty and watch the city lights and listen to live jazz on a boat.

Roman and Williams Guild - French cafe (nice for a tea and dessert) and high-end home goods store. I love that New York has so many stores that feel like experiences — this one is not to be missed. 

Colbo - Technically, it's a shop, but I’m dropping under “Do” because it’s a complete experience. Menswear, home goods, coffee, and records. Feels like a close friend of Meridian Men. 

Madam Paulette - A weird “Do” but trust me: they are one of the best dry cleaners for luxury items. Bring your items with you to NYC, and they will ship to your home!


1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge - A sustainably-minded hotel with views of the East River and rooms that feature reclaimed wood and energy efficient heating and cooling. Dog friendly! 

The Ned NoMad: This is one of those bucket list hotels where I haven’t stayed (yet), but when I do (hopefully soon!), I know I’ll sleep like a 1920s it-girl. There’s also a cute bar called Little Ned with great booth seating, classic cocktails and a high-low food menu (truffled grilled cheese, potatoes and caviar, a foie gras pop-tart…).

Marlton Hotel - Even if you don’t stay here, it’s the perfect place to have an afternoon drink and snack by the fire. 

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