This Summer's Packing Tips

Whether you’re heading out for the weekend, booking a mid-week staycation, or jetting across the country for weeks, packing is still a necessary evil. (And don’t even get us started on the whole unpacking thing…) But over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making packing as painless and efficient as possible – without going over the bag weight limit or wearing four layers of clothing on the plane.

Consider the Negative Space

When packing, every inch of suitcase real estate is precious. And while super-thin t-shirts or jersey knit dresses are easy to fold a million times into a tiny square or stuff into empty suitcase corners, bulky items like hats, purses, and shoes take up much more space. But what these items have going for them is negative space: in other words, they’re hollow and can be used as a packing cube of sorts to store your other items. Consider filling boots and sneakers with rolled-up socks, filling your wide-brimmed hat with pajamas or activewear, and filling your bags with t-shirts, jeans, or other foldable items.

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Pretend It’s a Capsule Wardrobe

For the chronic overpackers among us (guilty!), it’s no simple task to choose one pair of denim over another or to leave a favorite coat at home because it would take up an entire carry-on bag. But by shifting out of a mindset of lack (a.k.a, fixating on everything you can’t bring), you can make packing a game of mix-and-match minimalism. Channel your inner sophisticated French woman, and pretend that you’re not packing but constructing an ultra-chic, minimalistic capsule wardrobe. Challenge yourself to have fun with basic pieces and develop new combinations that will get you through every day of your trip.

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Basics and Small Accessories Are Your Friends

With your capsule travel wardrobe of basic staple pieces squared away, focus on small ways to differentiate Monday’s jeans-and-tee combo from Tuesdays. Jewelry, scarves and bandanas, belts, and hair accessories are compact and easy to tuck into a checked bag or carry-on suitcase. (Even better, cashmere scarves can double as blankets or pillows mid-flight!)

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