Letter From the Editors: The Well-Being Issue

Letter From the Editors: The Well-Being Issue

Our first issue. When we started discussing launching an online journal, we knew we wanted it to feel like the magazines we grew up reading. We wanted the glossy feel and the stories that made us think differently about style and life. 

When we decided to launch in January 2024, we also knew that we’d be writing in the height of Montana winter — a time when most of us would rather stay home in front of a roaring fire than get dressed up and head out for a dinner party or fundraiser. 

In the spirit of staying cozy on these cold, cold days, we give you our Well-Being Issue, our tribute to self-care in all forms for all. 

It’s admittedly a small issue — just a handful of articles. We wanted to start there, knowing that we could grow our monthly issues with time, practice, and your support. Small or not, there’s a lot to read and love. We’ve got an interview with Nick Schaffer, the man behind Tatanka Goods, about what brought him to men’s grooming as a specialty and how he defines self-care. We also got his tips for any man hoping to build a self-care routine. And then there’s the art of the bath. We’ve pulled together some of our best tips for a mid-winter hour spent soaking in a tub — clawfoot or otherwise. It’s truly an art.

Last but not least: music. Our team has a mid-winter playlist for throwing on anytime your body needs a little extra tenderness. Turn it on during your evening routine, in that bath, or just to resting up (a valid form of self-care!) on a lazy Sunday morning. 

We hope you love this new project as much as we loved making it. More soon, but until then, don’t forget to scrub your elbows. 

Haley, Josh, and the Meridian Team

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