What We're Loving: Emily & Tammi, Buying

What We're Loving: Emily & Tammi, Buying

Title: What We’re Loving: Emily & Tammi, Buying

Bring in the buyers. Emily and Tammi work with Haley (who in addition to owning Meridian, works as head buyer) to select the very best items for both of our shops. They’ve got an eye for new trends and impeccable taste (it’s their job), so you know their recommendations are golden. 

Tammi, Buyer

Reading: Shadow Man: An Elusive Psycho Killer and the Birth of FBI Profiling - "A twisted killer in Montana (Manhattan - what?) who triggered the very first criminal profile by the FBI."

Making: It's Not Complicated: Simple Recipes for Everyday by Katie Lee Biegel - easy, exciting and always delicious

Eating: Loving anything Asian lately - Hachi Sushi Pub, Dave's Sushi, and can't wait to try SHAN, Bozeman's newest hotspot serving Thai and Chinese dishes

Watching: The Bear on Hulu 

Wearing: Lauren Manoogian Long Shawl Cardigan - perfect for any occasion, any outfit 

Obsessing: MIKO Foot Massager Machine  - AHHH-mazing! 

Tammi's Favorites

Emily, Assistant Buyer

Reading: The Last Green Valley (the author lives in Bozeman! And the story is about a Bozeman family's ancestors.) 

Cooking: Half-Baked Harvest White Chicken Chili

Doing: Getting outside to run and hike again with the warmer weather!

Eating: Cinnamon Streusel Muffins. Our neighbor made these for us the other day and they were to die for!! 

Watching: Oppenheimer — A wonderfully told story of a fascinating American theoretical physicist.

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