What We're Loving: Haley & Josh, Owners & Jenna, Admin Manager

What We're Loving: Haley & Josh, Owners & Jenna, Admin Manager

As partners of work in life, Haley and Josh are always good for impeccable clothing recommendations (of course) and books full of business insights. They’re also known for a mean soup recipe rec.

And then, what would we do without Jenna? As Haley and Josh’s right-hand woman, she’s our Administrative Manager, she’s responsible for all those elements that keep Meridian Boutique and Meridian Men going — the ones we would never get done without her. She’s also the ideal person to go to when you need a scent recommendation for the home or body, which is always, right? 

Haley, Co-Owner

Reading: The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. This is a great book to pick up, flip to any page, and meditate on his words. It is beautifully written, and each page packs a profound punch! John O'Donohue's magical book, Anam Cara is next on the list to tap into my Celtic roots. 

Making:  Any recipe out of Molly Baz's Cook This Book is gold (her "clean out the fridge and cook it to death soup" is a go-to). Lately, Josh and I have been living off of Whole and Nourished meals with such busy schedules. Delivered to our door, organic, local, and healthy. Yes, please! 

Doing: Yoga at Ekam and shopping stores in Livingston: Cactus Blossom Collective, Lu Dale, and The Kitchen Shop. 

Eating: Gluten-free and surviving it thanks to my cousin's bread, AWG Bakery. The cleanest GF bread out there that actually tastes like bread! 

Watching: The Last Kingdom. "Uhtred, Son of Uhtred!" 

Wearing: Cozy Citizens of Humanity sweat sets in an array of Spring colors. Now available in Meridian Boutique!

Obsessing: Lots of bath soaks with Surya after long market travels. But first, dry brushing and relaxing with our Bathing Ritual playlist in the background. Spa vibes all day long! Then followed by a causal gorey episode of Last Kingdom ;)

Josh, Co-Owner

Reading: Retail Revelations by Ritchie Sayner, who has worked as an analyst with Meridian for over 20 years. I trust his judgment, even when he sends tough love and reality checks. He’s the crazy cat uncle of Meridian.

Making: Making new relationships daily at the new Meridian Men store, getting to know the community/their needs, and building out our assortment to accommodate it.  

Doing: Right now, I’m debating whether to pull out the golf clubs or go snowboarding…excited to be getting back into our local climbing gym, Spire. They have amazing route setters, something for everyone.

Eating: Whole and Nourished - locally sourced and made, high-quality whole foods delivered to your door. Look for her to do more in-store pop-ups down the road. 

Watching: The Brother's Son on Netflix - karate, comedy, good acting, and action. All the things to entertain.

Obsessing: Silver Annie's sterling silver and turquoise rings, bolos, and cuffs are handmade by the Navajo and Zuni tribes of the Southwest. Jeanne, The Silver Annie, was at 107 E Main St for 30 years before us; before her, her father ran the 115-year-old Phillips Book Store and Office Supplies business. We carry on her family tradition by showcasing her jewelry at Meridian Men. We’re hoping Jeanne will take her jewelry on the road soon — and her first stop will be a Meridian Men's store pop-up! 

Josh's Favorites

Jenna, Admin Manager

Reading: The World Played Chess. This is a touching coming-of-age story told through two perspectives: A Vietnam veteran’s journal from 1968 and the story’s protagonist (summer of 1979 and current era of 2016).

Making: Favorite Ginger Kale smoothie recipe that’s currently on repeat.

Watching:  All the Light We Cannot See

Wearing: Always Mother denim and my favorite AGOLDE basics. Both sold at Meridian Boutique!

Obsessing: Beauty/Lifestyle Product recommendations: All things self-care; I love taking a long bath on these chilly winter nights. I always light my 1889 Wax Lighting Clarisse candle in Chief (available at Meridian Men) as the scent is so dreamy and calming. Post-bath, for added hydration, I use Primally Pure Whipped Body Butter in Citrus + Mint. Occasionally, I’ll apply a leave-in hair oil. I use my favorite clean haircare line, La Tierra Sagrada

Jenna's favorites

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  • So happy I was able to provide Josh with a bit of light reading. There will be a test when you are finished reading Retail Revelations. LOL

    Ritchie Sayner

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