What We’re Loving: Tess, Logan & Stella, Marketing

What We’re Loving: Tess, Logan & Stella, Marketing

If you’ve been loving our pop-up events (like our vintage charms Valentine’s sale) and our Instagram feed, you’ve got our Marketing Team to thank. Tess is our Marketing Manager and self-proclaimed “clean beauty junkie.” She’s taken Stella, who’s always good for a local Bozeman food recommendation, under her wing as Meridian’s marketing intern. And then there’s Logan, our graphic designer who has a great eye, obviously, and is also always good for a vintage find. 

Tess, Marketing Manager

(Re)Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed 

Making: Mastering the art of homemade pizzas thanks to our Ooni Pizza oven! (Channeling Blackbird's pizza recipes, of course.)

Doing: Spinning at Zephyr Cycling Studio

Listening: Lana Del Rey on repeat to gear up for her country album Lasso & Kacey Musgraves new song release (two of my favorite female artists of all time!) 

Wearing: Still Here denim - great for tall girls! They carry longer inseams which can be hard to come by. I just picked up the Cowgirl style from Meridian. 

Obsessing: I'm a total clean beauty junkie, loving so many things this month! Can't live without my Crown Affair leave-in conditioner + hair oil and everything Westman Atelier


Logan, Graphic Designer

Reading: There's a book that lives in the store called "The Creative Pragmatist," written by Amy Smilovic, the incredible brain behind Tibi. Whenever I have some downtime, I find myself flipping through its pages. The book is wonderfully designed and filled with great tips.

Making: Lately, I've been trying to explore more in the kitchen, though I often find myself sticking to what I know best—anything pasta-related! One of my recent favorites is making a homemade tomato sauce to go with gnocchi.

Doing: I've been indulging in a lot of thrifting, both here in Bozeman and online. Especially at Rare Bird and Cash for Clothes. Whenever time permits, I make sure to hit the slopes for some skiing. 

Eating: With the cold weather, I've developed a strong craving for ramen, so I've been visiting Hooked to pick up their delicious pork ramen for special evenings.

Watching: I find myself endlessly rewatching my favorite shows, namely Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. They're my go-to comfort shows that never seem to lose their charm.

Obsessing: I can't speak highly enough of Subu slippers. They come in various fun patterns and collaborations, and they're my absolute favorite for lounging around the house. Also can’t forget about Good Weird’s Cold Brew Under Eye Cream

Wearing: I've been practically living in my vintage Levi's lately—they're just so versatile and comfortable.

Logan's Favorites

Stella, Marketing Intern

Reading:  A wealth management book that I was gifted for Christmas (courtesy of my dad, ha). 

Making: My latest favorite recipe recently has been the NYT Cooking French Onion Soup, and my long-time favorite is a chickpea curry with homemade naan 

Doing: Been playing lots of board games with friends to "hang up and hang out," as we are all trying to be more present when we hang out and not use technology. Codenames and Life are my friend groups current favorites 

Eating: Favorite foods in Bozeman have been the birria tacos from Los Jarochos or the amazing oyster and martini combo at Brigade.  

Watching: Just started watching Yellowjackets and am loving it, it's like Lord of the Flies but with a women's soccer team. 

Obsessing: The Coconut Cult, Flo Vitamins PMS gummies (a life-saver for that time of the month), and the Louis Vuitton men's Fall-Winter show helmed by Pharrell Williams. I love seeing the way he’s experimenting as their new creative director. 

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